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Unique Design Elements: Wall Murals

It’s no surprise that wallpaper is all the craze right now, as we’ve discussed many times before but what if I told you there is an elevated version? I’m talking about “Wall Murals” - this is wall paper that is put together in panels to create a mural. 

Phillip Jeffries wall covering mural

Wallpaper and murals have been in style before and you know what they say, trends are on a cycle and everything eventually comes back! 

Basically the wall mural paper is a wallpaper that is done in sections. Let’s say the collection comes in a multiple panels, you can put them together to create the full mural which was very popular back in the 60s and 70s. 

If your budget allows, you can also always have an artist paint a unique scene on your wall but with a wall mural paper, there is no fuss work in hiring an artist to bring your vision to life. Both are beautiful and uniquely different but of course, have pros and cons! 

Wall murals are more turnkey and when put together, side by side, it’s already done, so you’ll know exactly what it will look like when installed. Whereas a hand painted mural is fully custom and requires a lot of thought and a higher budget. 

This is not to say that one of a kind hand painted murals aren’t spectacular additions to a space, it’s just that it may not be in the budget! So the wall mural paper allows you to have a unique design element that can really transform the space depending on the color and scale. 

Powder Room wall - before the mirror installation!

Interested in a wall mural? Call us at (973)-989-8249!  


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