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A Weekend At High Point Market

And just like that… we’re back in High Point, North Carolina for the annual High Point Market to discover the newest interior design aesthetics to date.

This 5-day experience is extremely important to us as designers as we get to touch new materials, feel fabrics, sit on furniture, and it inspires us to be able to better serve our clients. It’s sensory overload and we love it!! We learned so much about what is hot in interior design and we‘re ready to share a little bit of what we found….

Color, Color, Color! It’s back and it’s in a big way. Every show room we went in to had a plethora of deeply saturated colors, mostly pulling from nature. Think all different shades of green, brown and terra cotta.

We were were particularly happy to see shades of blue around the show room, perhaps a little nod to the Earth via water. Blue is one of the most comfortable, easily elevated and tried and true colors out there! Market being in the Fall really put emphasis on the deep jewel tones, like reds and even some pink (Hi Barbie)! You name a color, guarantee we saw it used in art, furniture, rugs, wall paper, or accessories.

And it wasn’t just in color! We found a lot of textures like wicker and grasscloth that really compliment the earthy tones alongside soft and curvy shapes in upholstered items.

Overall, the vibe was much more maximalist with lots of pattern, texture and color, all together! Almost retro feeling which was quite the juxtaposition from the cool toned whites and greys of the pandemic. Market was certainly not afraid of embellishments on trim used in pillows and other upholstery.

Let’s just say, High Point Market 2023 was nothing short of fresh, exciting, and full of life! It only makes us more excited to bring this energy and new knowledge to your home decor plans.

Feeling inspired? You know where to find us: (888) 707-3331!


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