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Staging a Home to Sell

Our Resale-Ready® staging sells homes faster and for a higher profit. We have a proven track record of success with homeowners, realtors and builders, even in highly-competitive markets.


First impressions are the best impression. Our on the spot re-design plan for your existing home makes each room less cluttered and more appealing to prospective buyers.  


As members of the Interior Refiner's Network, our Resale Ready®  service is not your typical “home staging” service.


Not only do we transform your rooms for the highest appeal, we also do it so you can continue to live comfortably during the sales process. And, we provide you with longer term ideas you can use in your next home.

Our Resale-Ready® service and expertise is the perfect solution for:

  • homeowners who want to sell quickly and at the highest possible price with minimal disruption

  • realtors who want their listings to show well and sell fast, while growing their inventory quality and becoming top sellers with happy clients.

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Resale Ready®/Staging

Whether homeowner, realtor or builder, when you partner with us you gain valuable "third party" input to transform your listings into sales, even in highly competitive markets.


Our approach depends upon your needs and budget. We're experienced working within the confines of all sorts of budget and time restrictions. Our main priority is to help sell your house fast and for the highest profit. It starts with the Resale-Ready® Design Plan where we address items like:

  • Accessories;

  • Furniture placement;

  • Clutter removal;

  • Decorating;

  • Paint colors; and

  • Furniture/accessory rental (if necessary)


Call or e-mail us for a Resale Ready Design or Home Staging today!

Resale Ready

What People Are Saying

"I had a lovely home listing in a beautiful neighborhood, and from my exerpience the house had all the latest designs that new buyers are looking for when they purchase a home. However, after several months and not one offer the sellers and I were extremely frustrated. After bringing in Re-Feather Your Nest, the house was transformed in 3 hours. I love their approach of using what is currently in the home and I did not have to spend money for props and furniture. The whole process was quick and affordable with instant results. The seller received a very nice offer that same weekend."


Lenore Kiss, Realtor

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