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Susan and Michelle helped me create my dream home! When the opportunity came up for us to move into a larger home and give us more space, I couldn't wait. Then once we moved in, reality set in on how to actually decorate some of these spaces. In particular was a very large Great Room that I didn't even know where to start with.


Enter Susan, who helped take that large, imposing room and turned it into a warm, cozy, inviting room for the whole family. Working with the existing color scheme in the rest of the house, Susan picked out colors, fabrics and styles that really spoke to my taste. She was even able to design the room around a chair that my husband wanted. We are so thrilled with the results! Susan helped in other areas of our home as well with furniture placements, dressing some very large built in bookcases, and just adding those 'right' touches to the more formal rooms in the house. In fact, I used the hate my Living Room in my old house. To me it was functional and nothing more. Now, after the little touches that Susan added, it is one of my favorite spaces in the whole house.

Michelle really helped finish off the look of the house. I knew from the start that I was going to use a professional to do all the window treatments seeing as the house has SO MANY windows. I knew what I liked and didn't like, and in some rooms knew exactly what I wanted, but in others I was stumped. Michelle helped me navigate those waters easily. She helped me get the look I was going for, and in a lot of areas helped me save money while doing it. Her recommendations of fabrics that looked like silk but were not were great choices for the formal areas. She also worked with me on modifying my hardware that I had brought from my previous home or matching it where needed. She even helped come up with a way to install a plantation shutter on an odd shaped window in a bathroom. Her installers were fantastic and very neat/clean.


I was very happy that I had both Susan and Michelle assist me with my new home and look forward to continuing working with them as more projects arise.


Megan MacMillan

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