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Consulting Services

Color, Accessories, Window Treatments


Just like your wardrobe, your home wants to keep pace with your lifestyle so you can look and be at your best.


Sometimes all it takes is a little attention to the details to create a whole new look and feel for your home.


Whether you are painting or accessorizing, we can guide you on the best options for your space.


 A fresh coat of paint, the right accessories and updated window treatments can renew and refresh any space. 


Our expertise with color and accessories, together with our experience with window coverings will save you time and money — and give you that fabulous, well-coordinated look you want, whether you’re repainting, or picking a fresh palette of colors for a brand new home.


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"A fresh coat of paint, the right accessories, and updated window treatments can renew and refresh any space."


Color Consultation


Color is the most visual element in your home.  A fresh coat of paint makes any space look new and the right color combinations can unify the space with its surroundings.


First we set up an initial consultation with you and walk through the space and surrounding rooms noting all furnishings. 


Daytime is a preferable time for the consult because the natural light has an impact on the color choice.


Your space’s functionality, your lifestyle and your personal taste are factors we consider when selecting your perfect palette.


We’ll not only help you choose the ideal colors for a room or the entire home, we’ll also share affordable techniques that can enhance your rooms and make them look more sophisticated.

We then provide you with a proposed palette with specific paint colors that includes ideas for finishes and other factors.  

Whether you’re repainting, or picking a fresh palette of colors for a brand new build, our knowledge of the various paint products together with our experience will bring a new luster to your home. 

Call or e-mail us for a Color Consultation today!


Color consult


Accesories Consultation


Don’t underestimate the importance of room accessorizing. Accessories are often overlooked because of the cost or misunderstanding of just how important accessorizing really is to the end look.


Finding just the right fabrics, furniture and window treatments creates the structure for your spaces, but the most exciting moment is when it all comes together and is solidified with the accessories. A well-accessorized room can make the difference between a house and a 'home'.

From wall art and photographs to pillows and collectibles, accessories are a great way to showcase your style. We help you find the right location in the room for your favorite pieces or assist you in selecting complementary items to match your decor.

Here's a sample list of some of our favorite ways to accessorize that can help you make your room come alive:

  • Baskets

  • Pillows and Throws

  • Rugs

  • Window Seats

  • Custom Bedding

  • Mirrors

  • Lamps

  • Picture Frames

  • Wall Art

  • Silk Floral Arrangements

  • Shelves and Display Ledges

  • Clocks

  • Candle Holders

  • Vases

  • Decorative Objects and many more

Call or e-mail us for a Accessories Consultation today!



Window Treatment Consultation


One of the quickest ways to transform the look of a room is to install the right window treatments. But where do you start? What type of window treatment would suit your taste preferences, furniture style and budget?


No need to worry. Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating has you covered!

Whether you’re looking for elegant draperies, Roman shades, Plantation shutters, or a simple fabric panel, blinds or shades, we deliver window treatments that will complement any room in your home.

We can help choose the best option for your situation and style, and ensure the treatment is properly measured and professionally installed.

During the in-home window consultation we will bring samples, swatches and style options for you to see how the window treatment will look in the light in the space.  


You'll receive suggestions for window treatments to match your style and budget, whether your goal is for privacy, to give your room or office that finished look, or to make your windows appear larger and more interesting.


There are many options from which to choose including:

  • Blinds

  • Curtains and Drapery

  • Shades

  • Shutters

  • Top Treatments

You can even have your window treatments installed with motorization!

Call or e-mail us for a Window Treatment Consultation today!


Window Treatment
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