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Stress-Free Moving

Stressed out about moving? Not sure if it will all fit or whether what you have will work in your new place? Let us help!

Our Stress-Free Moving Services help you before, during and after your move.

As IRN professionals we will work with you rightsize and decide which furnishings to take, what may need to be bought, and where to put everything. With a detailed plan in place you’ll feel more relaxed, plus save time and money with movers.

Already moved? No worries! We've got you covered there too. Our "Nest Building" services can help you make the most of what you brought, and give you a plan that can be implemented as you have the time and money.

Our Rightsizing, Move-in Ready and Nest Building services eliminate a lot of the tension and headaches associated with moving so you can enjoy your new home the moment you cross the threshold.


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Stress-free services

Move-In Ready Services 

We make the "move" less stressful. We create a design plan for each room of your new home that incorporates your existing furniture so the movers will know where to place your items. You will be able to enjoy your new surroundings right away. No more worrying about trying to figure out where things should go!

Even before you decide to purchase a new home, we can assist you in narrowing down your choices. We will take into account your vision for your new property, your personal design style, your existing furnishings, your time, your budget and prepare a plan to help you make the very best home selection.


We offer the following services:

  • Color Consultations - When all you need is a little help getting the color right.

  • Window Treatments - The quickest way to provide you with privacy in your new home is with window treatments. The right window treatments will also enhance the decor of your room.

  • Full-Service Decorating – Let us help you get the home you always wanted.

  • Downsizing and Rightsizing Plans - Knowing what to keep and what to give away or sell just got easier with the Re-Feather Your Nest downsizing services.

Move-In Ready Service reduces the stress of buying a new home. We give you a comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement decorating guide for your new home before you move.

Call or e-mail us for Move-In Ready Services today!


Nest Building

If you have moved into a new home and haven’t been able to get organized or decorate, Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating will do it for you. Within a short time, we will provide you with the home of your dreams.

When we help you build your new 'nest', we'll:


  • work with what you've brought with you
  • create a plan to follow for when you have the time and budget

Call or e-mail us for Nest Building today!


When life happens and you’ve got too much house, it’s time to think simpler.

A smaller home frees you from the cost and time commitment of maintaining a larger home that you no longer need.

Factors to consider when you begin downsizing a home:

1.  How do we know what to keep and what to discard or give away?

2.  How will the things accumulated over a lifetime fit into a smaller space?

3.  What do we need in our new home?

Moving is a stressful time, let us help.  We work with you and sort through your things for the items you cannot part with. Then, we will create a new design theme with you for your new home using your treasured pieces.

Re-Feather Your Nest Decorating can assist you in all aspects of downsizing from selling your home to setting up your new home.

Call or e-mail us for Rightsizing today!

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