Whether redecorating, relocating, or rightsizing, our seasoned and skilled team can help from start to finish.




Lead Decorator, Owner,

New Jersey Office




Associate Decorator, New Jersey Office

The Re-Feather Your Nest Philosophy


The decorators at Re-Feather Your Nest incorporate three basic philosophies into every design plan:

Re-Acquaint – We give you fresh, new eyes for familiar and favorite furnishings as we “inform” you of fresh, new re-decorating ideas for arranging and accentuating.

Relate – You are “involved” in every step of your home makeover.  Your ideas for re-decorating are given careful consideration as the design plan unfolds.  Relating your personality and decorating dreams is essential to a successful Re-Feather Your Nest decorating makeover.

Re-Assure – Each decorating makeover experience is a confidence builder.  As Re-Feather Your Nest decorators “inspire” and reassure you that you can do this yourself.  Re-Feather provides you with the tips, hints and lists so you can transform any room of your home, with or without their hands-on assistance.