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Nurturing a New Baby Nursery

As many of you know, my oldest daughter welcomed her first child into the world in early August, officially making me a Grandma! This life milestone has filled me with such immense joy and gratitude daily.

I was honored with the task of designing Michael Gabriel’s nursery and thought I would share some tips based on the process!

I always start with a color palette! If you don’t know the baby’s gender, then warm neutrals are your best bet. So, a warm white, a pale green, yellow, tan or light grey are wonderful choices. Of course, your classic pink and blue are always a safe bet in a nursery if you know the gender! But overall, starting out neutral is a nice way to add in pops of color once the baby is born.

We knew the gender of my daughters baby so we ran with an array of blues.

Wallpaper is a very current and playful option for both your walls and your ceilings. I am a personal fan of patterns, especially a cloud wallpaper on the ceiling which is both gender neutral and soothing for a baby.

Rugs or area rugs, depending on your flooring, is essential to a nursery so the baby has a comfortable and easily washable area to play.

Window treatments that shade the sun are a necessity to protect the baby! They are functional but also a great way to bring in fabric with drapery panels in a young and fun pattern.

In addition to working with natural light, you should always have accent lighting with lamps so you can change the ambience depending on your needs. Overhead dimmers are quite the luxury to new parents as it makes it easy to see while trying to put the baby to sleep.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete nursery without the essentials of a crib, changing table, rocking chair and of course, storage! If you have the space, I suggest adding a bookcase for both function and beauty!

Make sure when choosing your furniture that it’s baby friendly! Meaning it should be easily cleanable and slanted organically with clean fabrics to ensure your baby will be toxin free.

A nursery is such an important room in a house and is really where parents and loved ones are able to connect with a baby. It should be light, bright, comfortable and of course functional. The memories created in these spaces mold the future of a child and it’s such a beautiful thing to watch.


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