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How To: Work with Dark Colors

Colors like black, dark brown, navy and forest green are beautiful colors to incorporate throughout your home but may be intimidating to some.

Have no fear! We are here to help you seamlessly and tastefully integrate dark colors into your space as we've seen more and more use of them in interiors. If you're looking to hop on the trend, there are a few factors to consider before choosing a color and mapping out how to bring it into the room.

Lighting is key. Whether that being the amount of natural sunlight shining into the room or where/how various types of lighting (chandeliers, sconces, lamps etc.) is being used.

This primary bathroom still feels light and airy but also incorporates dark colors with the bold black tub, sleek black hardware and dark charcoal floors. It really shows that just because you use dark colors, it does not mean the space is automatically moody. With an abundance of light coming from the recessed lighting, chandelier and sconces and the the contrast of the light walls against the accent tile, the room still feels light and bright.

An accent wall is another great way to incorporate a darker color in a space. By sectioning off one portion of this wall, you can still achieve a bold look without being overpowering. And because of this ceiling height and natural light, there is more room to play with dark colors.

This living room features beautiful architecture highlighted with up lighting in the coffered ceilings. We made sure to include a dimmer on the uplighting because being able to regulate the amount of light helps to cultivate whatever vibe you're looking for. The statement chandelier is both a beautiful and sophisticated accessory but also brings more light to the room.

Given the ceiling height and amount of natural light this front facing office receives, we were able to paint all four walls a dark color, feature a selection of dark blues and browns in the chairs, couch, draperies and coffee table and add a navy wallpaper to the ceiling.

It also helps that this room is complete with beautiful molding and a sparkling chandeliers that helps brighten up the space.

All four spaces combat all misconceptions of using dark colors in interior design. There are many ways to play with deep blues, browns, blacks and grey's without overpowering the space and creating an automatically moody feeling. Although sometimes we need those spaces!

If you're looking to make your home feel even more cozy and a bit bolder, call us a call at (888) 707-3331!


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