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Bathroom Refresh: Secondary

Last month we gave you the ins and outs of the ideal powder room and now, we're ready to dive into how to perfect your home's secondary bathroom.

Unlike the half bathroom or powder room, the secondary bathroom consists of a sink, a toilet, AND a shower or bathtub. This room typically serves as a guest bathroom for overnight stays or a children's bathroom. With that being said, this room should be functional, comfortable, and beautiful!

Since we're likely designing for guests and children, we must factor in the size of the tub, area of the shower, and items in the shower. Overall, a secondary bathroom should be spacious for kids' showers and built of low maintenance materials so it's always in shining shape!

Installing a niche, which is a tile shelf that acts as in shower storage, is both functional and visually appealing. If a secondary bathroom serves children, consider hiding your niche underneath the shower head because it's likely to be full of product! For guests, you can add accent tiles giving it that personal flair!

With a shower and bath comes moisture. Consider a fan on a timer that automatically shuts off at your desired length.

Now, let's talk windows. Moisture is going to have an impact, especially on a smaller room. If the area has high moisture, go for a non-wood shutter or a window treatment made out of an anti-microbial fabric. A shutter is a great and clean option for children, while a decorative design suits guests!

Make sure you have well-lit mirrors so that applying makeup or styling hair is easy! Designing a space suit for children or guests (or both!) can be quite the challenge, and we're here to help!

Stay tuned for next month's blog where we cover the beloved primary bathroom!


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