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Home For The Holiday's

The holidays may look a bit different this year and staying home with loved ones gives us all the more reason to create a space that fills us with joy and comfort. Regardless of what you celebrate, November and December are months where we get to cheerfully decorate our homes.

So, no matter how cold it gets outside, here are a few ways you can make your home feel warm this holiday season.

1. Let there be light. Light is warmth, light is life and light is joy. Whether it be string lights around a grand staircase, a decorative Menoria, or candles on a Thanksgiving dinner table, lighting elevates a space and brings warmth to a room. Literally.

2. Utilize your fireplace. There is a sense of family and love that a fireplace brings and with the right decor you'll have your loved ones gathered around sharing stories and laughs all season long. Hang stockings, decorate with pumpkins or gourds and don't forget to make it your own!

3. Staircases hold holiday decorations beautifully. Especially if you don't have a fireplace at home, your banaster and staircase is the perfect place to hand garland, lights and even stockings!

4. Holiday decor doesn't always have to be red and green or warm fall tones. No matter what color you love or already have in your home, there is a way to match your holiday decor with your homes color pallete. This home, shown below, is mostly blues and cooler tones so we decided to bring that into the Thanksgiving decor to create a cohesive design. It's a fresh take on classic Thanksgiving decor.

5. Pick a focal point. Whether that be a classic Christmas tree or a unique antique holiday piece, centering a room around something special draws in the eye and gives the room a purpose for gathering.

We are sending lots of love and joy to everyone as we close out 2020 and celebrate the upcoming holiday season. We know it may look different this year but no matter who you are celebrating with, we hope it's full of laughter and love.

Happy Holiday's from Refeather Your Nest.

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