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The Latest in Lighting

Lighting is both practical and stylish. Light in a room is a given, however, with the right fixtures, lighting can bring a room to life and be more than just functional. Whether it's a traditional chandelier or an eclectic pendent, lighting can tie a room together and help add individual flair to a design.

Here are the latest trends in lighting that will literally... light up your room.

1. Pendants. These elegant light fixtures fit perfectly over a table, kitchen island or even in a bathroom and will be sure to draw attention. They can be made with organically sourced materials like rattan or shells and painted black or in their natural state to match decor.

2. Fans can bring both function and fashion to a room. Make your fans stylish with a light fixture that has a hidden fan inside. This way everyone can enjoy the benefits of a fan while still staying true to your interior design.

3. Geometric shapes. We totally understand that not everyone always wants a traditional chandelier. Try moving towards triangular, hexagon or circular fixtures for a more modern and unique twist.

4. Matte black. Don't be afraid to bring dark accents into a room. Matte black finishes can fit many different styles and bring a bold and chic flair to a lighting piece.

We like to think of lighting like jewelry to a room; it's that perfect finishing touch. Interested in learning more about how to bring light to your room? Give us a call at (888) 707-3331!

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