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Bringing Your Dream Kitchen Outside

There is nothing better than entertaining friends and family outdoors during the warm summer months. And we know when it comes to cooking for a group there can be a lot of back and forth inside and less time enjoying the company. Imagine being able to prepare food and drinks alongside your gathering space and never missing out on the memories?

An outdoor kitchen gives people the opportunity to create that sense of home right in your backyard. And don’t worry this is not only for folks in a year-round warm climate! With the right planning and execution that dream of moving towards a more permanent outdoor cooking situation can come true, no matter where you live.

  1. Have a plan. Transforming your outdoor space to fit a kitchen takes precise planning and knowledge of the trade. Make sure you are following good kitchen design principals just as you would indoors while keeping in mind the outdoor weather conditions of all seasons.

  2. Consider your needs. Try and think of what you would need while cooking that you won’t want to go inside to get. Start with the basics like a refrigerator, hot grills and cooktops, a sink, optimal prep counters and of course, storage. Then try and think outside the box...whether it be a beer tap, a pizza oven, a stainless ice maker or a beverage cooler you have the opportunity to bring the fun!

  3. Keep it low maintenance. An outdoor kitchen is all about living easier so selecting appliances that withstand the rigors of the outdoors is a must. Natural stone, concrete, brick or 16 gauge stainless steel will be sure to endure snowy winters or salty air. For the pleasure of your grill master, you may want to consider a wind jacket behind the grill for a more comfortable experience.

  4. Finally, make it your own. Just because you are outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t bring your interiors style to life. With the correct color palette, lighting, landscaping and furniture layout your outdoor kitchen will be able to reflect you and your own personal flair!

Outdoor living spaces are always a crowd pleaser but with a beautiful and functional outdoor kitchen space you will be sure to keep your guests or family feeling right at home... even outside.

It's not too late to start building your dream outdoor kitchen... and we can't wait to help! Give us a call at (888) 707-3331.

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