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Staycation Time

What’s the best part about summer?

We would definitely have to choose vacation. There is nothing better than getting away from work and school with friends and family for pure relaxation and fun. However, vacation doesn’t always have to consist of lengthy travel, large budgets and endless planning. Sometimes the best memories are created right at home spending time with those you love.

Some may refer to it as a Staycation. There are many benefits to kicking back at home, especially when it’s a home that you love the feel of. Saving money and time planning can go a long way. Here are our top Staycation activities we recommend to kickstart summer!

  1. Outdoor gatherings: It is so important to take advantage of the weather during the summer months and soak in the sun. You don’t need a beach to enjoy the outdoors. With the perfect outdoor furniture and decorative umbrellas your backyard can feel like a tropical oasis.

  2. Spa: Some may like to getaway to the mountains and others to the beach but, don’t overlook the power of a spa relaxation retreat. By creating that salon/spa ambiance right in your home bathroom all you need is some bubble bath, a few candles and some face masks to feel your most relaxed right at home.

  3. Game rooms: This may seem farfetched but, not everyone’s relaxation methods are the same. We appreciate those who find comfort in enjoying some classic games. By creating a space in your home full of challenging and exciting games it can be used as a daily stress reliever with a simple pin ball machine and a unique chess set!

  4. Theatre: Such a simple activity but feels so nostalgic and comforting. It doesn’t always have to be an elaborate theatre room in your house, although we love those too, but by having a space in your living room that brings people together to watch your favorite show or movies screams vacation paired with the perfect movie snacks!

  5. Pools: This may seem so obvious, but it couldn’t be truer. How much more “staycation” can you get than with your very own pool. With the perfect pool or hot tub set up you could be in vacation mode as soon as you step out your back door.

Unplugging and unwinding is a necessity, especially during summertime. So why not make your home the perfect Staycation location. By vamping up your home with any (or all!) of these suggestions you will be sure to create unforgettable memories in the place that feels the most you!

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