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Window Wonderland

Whether it's bringing in the perfect amount of natural light or keeping out the harsh sun, windows are one of the most versatile parts of a room and we need to be using them to our advantage to create our ideal spaces.

There are so many different ways to get the most out of the window treatments in our home. Here is a list of our favorite window treatment tricks and tips:

1. Blackout shades. Believe it or not, there are varying degrees of blackout shades. The key is to remember that whenever you put a treatment mounted on the inside you will have light bleed - regardless of the opacity level of the treatment. No matter your reasoning for craving that truly dark room, look for a shutter that's mounted on the outside of the trim, which should eliminate a majority of the light bleed, or a cellular shade that is mounted on the outside with a light gap tracking system. These will be sure to keep the blinding light out for that perfect night's sleep!

2. Temperature control. ALWAYS dress your windows. Whether it's to keep harsh heat out in the South or help retain heat in the frigid cold months in the North, covered windows are key. Try draperies that are lined with a thermal lining to achieve the perfect indoor temperature. For even more coverage, your thermal-lined draperies can traverse over the window.

3. Motorized window treatments. Technology has really come a long way! For those high, hard to reach windows, a motorized treatment can be your solution. You can even program these shades based upon sun exposure or sunrise/sunset - all through your Smart Phone or remote control. Bonus tip: these will be sure to bring the drama to any theatre room!

4. Light control. Probably the number one purpose a window serves. The type of window treatments you choose can determine how much or how little light shines through. If you want to be able to have windows covered for privacy and still let beautiful light in, try shutter slats that rotate in for full control. A sheer Roman shade is a light and airy solution to achieve a beautiful look while keeping your window covered!

Looking to revamp and get the most out of the windows in your home? We are here to help you with expertise in all things window treatments, give us a call at (888) 707-3331!


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