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Why your home needs a written design plan..

When buying a home, new build, or resale, you need a written design plan to ensure you maximizes your future resale value. We know it may sound crazy to think of selling when buying, but you can still keep your wants/needs in mind while also thinking ahead towards resale value.

Now you may be thinking, what is a written design plan? A Design Plan is an outline made for constructing, renovating or remodeling a home or building. It should address essential parts of the home so that you have a roadmap to guide you and your visions come to life.

Your design plan should address your fixed elements, basically think anything that will stay with the house. For example, flooring, countertops, cabinetry, wall units, and hard window coverings are key to include. Focus on a neutral palette and avoid trendy selections for fixed elements so you can attract as many buyers as possible.

Overall, your plan should be cohesive. It's important that your home has an overall style or aesthetic, especially when it comes to flooring and colors.

Make sure each room design addresses the primary function of how you plan to use the space and integrates secondary functions appropriately. A bedroom could also be used as an office so you may want to include a multi function with a sleeper sofa and desk cabinet space. Or if you have children, a living room may also act as a playroom - try to incorporates furniture and accent pieces that are beautiful but also store toys.

A cohesive design plan should address the size of the room, appropriate furnishings for the room and lighting!

Lighting is extremely important to live in a home as well as selling the home - focus on recessed lighting and lamps/chandlers for more personal elements of design.

When renovating, updating or purchasing a new home be sure to think of future resale value! Need help creating a design plan for your home? Give us a call at (888) 707-3331!


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