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The Perfect Paint Color

Spring time presents the perfect opportunity for a paint job refresh! Or a chance to add some color into a space. The thing is, it's not as simple as just choosing a color that you like on a swatch or matching a room color you saw and loved in someone else's home. A lot of things impact color. Light. Light reflectivity has a huge impact on the way a wall color is perceived to the eye. When light hits walls, it bounces off of them creating a look that may show up completely different in the day time versus the night. So, it's crucial to look at a paint color at all times of the day and on different walls in the same room. We recommend painting a small section of your wall or taping a swatch to the wall and living with it for a week or so. And of course, consulting with a designer. In addition to the amount of light, the type of light can also change the paint look! Does your room have a lot of natural light? Or is it lacking natural sunlight and you find yourself turning on lamps and overhead lights in the space?

Out with grey and in with warm tones. We've seen a ton of grey in interior design these past years and that is starting to be on its way out. Make way for warm tones, think spring or summer type warm. This is a great opportunity to get creative with greens, oranges, reds, yellows, etc. and really let that dictate the color palette of a room. We can help you coordinate your paint colors to the rest of your space for the most cohesive look possible. And we would never forget color undertones as they are key to understanding what to pair with your paint colors. Just because a room is smaller, does not mean you have to stray away from dark colors. It all depends on the desired mood or aesthetic of a space and darker, bolder colors can be a great way to help catapult your vision to life. If dark on all 4 walls scares you a bit, you can always ease your way into a bold color with an accent wall!

But don't forget about the paint color and how it flows from room to room. It's important to make your entire home feel cohesive from wall to wall.

Call us at (888) 707-3331 to help you on your next paint color journey. We can help you introduce color into your space and create a base that matches your design desires. Cheers to a spring refresh!


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