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National Window Covering Safety Month 

October is National Window Covering Safety Month and as designers, we must take both beauty and safety into consideration while decorating a home.

Did you know that window covering cords are one of the top five hazards in a home? (source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission). And we're using October as a month to raise awareness to families of the potential danger of exposed window covering cords.

So, what can you do to remove this hazard from your home and keep your children safe? There's always a fix - go cordless!

Even without safety top of mind, we're personally not fans of cords on any type of window covering. If you have the option to go motorized it's always the way to go (if in the budget, of course)! You can open and close your window treatments with the click of a button!

You can even program your window treatments to open and close automatically based on the time of day and or the position of the sun to help your heating and air conditioning work more efficiently.

Motorization does not limit the type of window treatments available - from shades to blinds, to drapery panels, we can motorize it all!

If motorized window treatments are not an option, be sure to manually fasten down any cords in your window displays by tying them up and out of reach for children.

Be safe, be happy, and be healthy this Halloween! For any questions around National Window Covering Safety Month give us a call at (888) 707-3331!


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