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Make Your Perfect Space With Upholstery

This month, we're talking about all things upholstery and how to use it to make the most out of your space. Whether your goal is to spice up a room or find something practical, leave it to us to let you in on everything you need to know when selecting your new upholstery

1. One of the reasons why upholstery has been such a big success lately is, performance fabrics. Performance fabrics are lighter and airier making them the perfect choice to withstand little children and pets. The best part, you can still enjoy the look of a light color without worrying about the mess it could show. Before this fabric, many people were limited to dark moody colors just to hide stains!

2. Don't forget about vegan leather and leather! They are the perfect fit for a highly used space where people of all ages are enjoying it. Not only is it durable AND cleanable but it tends to have a long life span.

3. Sometimes it's all about comfort. Try a velvet or a chenille textile for a softer and warmer feel. These textiles look great in a fun pattern or color and can really provide the warm and fuzzy feeling you need to complete a space. They're especially perfect in the winter months.

4. Replacing or designing new upholstery brings many opportunities to breathe new life into a space. Try going for a unique or bold color or pattern. You may really enjoy the difference it makes in showing your personality!

5. Sometimes we just want to sit on something that isn't so constricting or heavy. A textile that breaths, like cotton or linen, may be perfect for you! These textiles absorb wetness and are more comfortable if you are in a hotter environment.

So, if you ever need advice on how to choose the perfect upholstery for your lifestyles and needs, call us at (888) 707-3331! - we're happy to help!

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