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Cozy Home 101

Most of the country is at the peak of cold weather and there's nowhere I'd personally rather spend my time than in the comfort of my own home. To help you make your home cozy this wintertime, we're sharing a few tips for renovations, accessories and color selections!

Starting off with color and texture: lean towards warm tones like browns, oranges, greens (to bring in the warmth of the outdoors) and deep blues along side wooden and natural textures to create the perfect baseline for a cozy room. These burnt orange chairs feel like a warm hug paired with the playful lama accent pillows!

Make sure you don't overlook neutral colors when it comes to creating a warm space because, with the proper accessories and window treatments, black and white can always be styled to match any specific vibe!

Drapery and custom window treatments are an important element to a space when it comes to creating a cozy vibe. Go with a layered look to provide more warmth to your aesthetic and pull through more colors.

I absolutely love this wooden figure that adds personality and detail to this space.

Let's talk renovations! If you already have a fireplace in your space - that's a step in the right direction! If not, consider adding one to any bedroom or sitting area (living room or family room) to cultivate a warm vibe. Nothing beats a warm blanket sitting fireside

Focus on modernizing your fireplace, because in many houses, these structures are original and could use some updating. Don't get me wrong, brick is beautiful but there is no harm in replacing, staining or painting it for a more current feel to completely upgrade your space

A real wood burning fireplace was a MUST for this client so we made sure that with the help of built-in shelves and sleek wallpaper, we achieved that modernized cozy feel. Notice the custom shelf to hold firewood - practical, beautiful and unique!

In addition to the fireplace, the wallpaper is the stand out here. Wallpaper is a great option to bring in the warm colors and textures we spoke about earlier! In this case, it encases both the fireplace and TV.

Creating the perfect cozy space is important, especially in these frigid winter months. Need help warming up your space? Give us a call at (888) 707-3331!


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