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Cheers to 2023

As we close out 2022, it's the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the year and spend much needed time with friends and family. December and January are some of our favorite months because we're often cuddled up with good food and good company.

Winter allows us time to reflect on our work as interior decorators because as we're sure plenty of you can relate, we spend majority of the holiday's inside. This makes it more important than ever to enjoy your living space. Especially when it comes to holiday decorations, we find ourselves inspired and passionate about design. So, don't be afraid to keep Christmas and Holiday decor up for at least a couple weeks after they're over, we know we do.

So were sharing some of our decor from hosting Christmas dinner:

Thank you for allowing us to help make your house into a home. We're truly inspired by our work on a daily basis and we get to be creative and bring smiles and comfort to peoples everyday lives. Happy Holidays and cheers to 2023 - we hope it's a year full of laughter and love.


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