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Bathroom Refresh: Primary

First, we took you through design tips for a powder room, then the secondary bathroom and now it's time to discuss all things primary bathroom!

This bathroom lives directly off of the primary bedroom and is typically the most spacious bathroom in the home. With that comes more space to work with and more area to bring your design dreams to life!

Although there are many similarities to the secondary bathroom, this space is all about YOU! When designing a primary bathroom, we're able to put your wants a needs first.

Stand-alone tubs are popular choices for a primary bathroom because of the grand look and feel but also the space you need for it is usually more available. Pair with an interesting tile pattern that extends onto the walls to really bring focus to the tub.

Have the extra space? Don't overlook the luxury of a water closet (aka a separate toilet room). This allows more than one person to utilize the space and maintain maximum privacy!

As a carefree and functional bonus, consider a bathroom exhaust fan that is set on an automatic timer so you never have to remember when to shut it off! Personally, this changed the game in my bathroom and no matter what, I'm always sure my fan is shut off.

More space brings more opportunities to have fun with the walls! Go with a bold tile pattern or wallpaper to bring out your personal style and create a specific vibe.

And of course, don't forget those well-lit mirrors to ensure that applying makeup and styling hair is easy and enjoyable.

Looking to create the perfect primary bathroom spa space? Call us at (888) 707-3331! - we're happy to help!


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