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The Jewelry of a Room

It's time to talk accessorizing. Accessorizing is more than just a fashion concept; it translates perfectly into interior design. It's the finishing touch, the best way to pull the decor together, essentially it's the jewelry of a room.

We could go on and on about accessories and what they bring to a room because it's truly incomplete without them. It's the best way to express yourself and be original.

Here are our favorite ways to amp up your decor and give your room the sparkle it needs!

1. Wall art. The obvious, go-to design accessory is a piece of wall art and it's a go-to for a reason. Art is the perfect way to express yourself and bring uniqueness to a room. As you can see below, these are three very different examples of the personality that wall art can showcase. From the bright and loud piece on the left to the zodiac photos on the right, you can really show YOU through your wall art. Don't forget to consider both the size of the walls and the height of the ceiling when choosing the perfect piece for your wall. Two photos side by side is a great way to fill space.

2. Small sculptures. Similar to wall art, individual art pieces can help make sure your personality shines through a room. On the left, the client was passionate about golf, so we made sure to include his trophy on display amongst the other small, trendier pieces. When accessorizing shelving or console tables, it helps to group items together and keep it simple!

3. Pillows and throws. Both functional and fashionable, pillows and blankets can be a great way to breathe life into a room while creating a cozy atmosphere. Get creative with your favorite colors and patterns because pillows/throws are easily interchangeable whenever you grow tired of them! And, don't forget about poofs and small ottoman's!

4. Tableware. Not all table accessories are necessarily formal, as shown on the left. Something as simple as a cake platter or a vase full of your favorite flowers can bring life and character to any open table or island. Most tableware can also be functional which is a great perk to accessorizing smartly.

For help choosing the perfect finishing touches to your room, call us at (888) 707-3331!


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