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Lifestyle Designer: From Concept to Completion

Starting the house building process from the ground up can be quite daunting and you most likely have a vision for how your dream house will turn out. Well, we are here to help you bring that vision to life!

A lifestyle designer not only assists with the interior design of current homes, but can also help you design your new home from start to finish.

Working along side you and your builder, here are just a few details of the house building process where we would provide our expertise. And of course, all while keeping your lifestyle needs in mind to perfectly customize your home!

1. Start from the outside. Curb appeal is where you are able to showcase your personal style and bring in unique design elements to make your home stand out! From shutters, to window sizes, to exterior color selection and roofing, we can help make sure your home shines from the outside, in. Don't forget details like the elevation of the home which can actually impact both the landscaping and direct sun exposure!

2. The heart of the home. Where loved ones gather and joy is spread, a kitchen must be both practical and stylish. We can help bring your style to life through permanent elements of the space like backsplash design, cabinet selection and counter tops.

3. Don't overlook the floor. Yes, where shoes and feet step is actually so important to a home! Whether you have pets, small children or simply don't want high maintenance floor care, we can help you select something both stylish and functional. Not only does flooring pull a space together, it can often make a home feel warm or cool, both figuratively and literally. Yes there is radiant heaters for floors, perfect for everyone building in those cold climates! (Who needs slippers?)

4. Bathrooms, a place to pamper yourself. Depending on your needs, we can help customize your bathroom to be your ultimate oasis. Whether it be a waterfall shower with multiple heads or towel warmers, there are so many luxuries that a bathroom can hold!

5. Bedrooms, some may call a homes sanctuary, this is a special place to be able to express yourself through design elements. There are many pieces to think about while building a bedroom. Would you like natural light through a skylight? Is warm feet on carpet important to you or do you like the look of hardwood? And don't forget about the closet! Custom, built in shelving can be a lifesaver when it comes to organization.

6. Lighting. As we've gone on about before, lighting can really bring a house to life in so many different ways. We can help you transform a space through lighting placement and unique fixtures.

It is so important to feel confident and supported throughout the building process and we understand wanting to make your new home as perfect as can be. By investing in a lifestyle designer you will have guidance and expertise with you through every step helping to make your lifetime investment worth it.

And, once you close we can help you bring the home together with the interior!

Building a new home and interested in our expertise? Give us a call at (888) 707-3331!

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