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Lets Bring the Outside In...

Let’s Bring the Outside In…

We all know the stress that comes with getting yourself feeling truly inspired. Sometimes inspiration strikes and other times we may have to search a little harder to find greatness.

While decorating a space, even I experience the ever-dreaded block but my recent trip to the Turks and Caicos Island got me thinking, what if we used the world outside to help decorate our worlds inside?

Recently, lighter wood furniture is making its comeback in the world of interior design. Whether it be console tables, dining tables, or dressers we are seeing more and more raw edged furniture. To me, this is comparable to the soft wood found all throughout nature.

This summer the ocean is calling my name and as far as the current color trends, it’s all about blues and greens this season. How fitting.

Now the next time you are enjoying a beautiful summer view outside, think about all the ways to incorporate the natural beauty of the world into your space. From color to texture, this summer bring the outside in.

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