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A Visit With A Window Treatment Manufacturer

Just came back from a workroom with my chapter of the WCAA (Window Covering Association of America). Such an amazing trip! I love to see how the beautiful window treatments are manufactured mixing the new high tech with the old industry standards.

I watched a few of the seamstresses and it took me back to when I was a little girl. My mother and grandmother were both expert seamstresses. My grandmother also loved needlepoint and crocheting and taught me as a young girl. When I pull out the beautiful linen table cloth, or the bedspread, or the pillows she made me when I got married, I remember sitting with her for hours as she taught me how to do the stitches. I would sit on her lap and she’d hold my hands and guide them as we worked the needles into the fabric. The memories always put a smile on my face.

At the workroom with WCAA chapter, we were able to see how all the pieces work in perfect unison. A receiver checks in the fabric and cross references it against the work order. Then, it gets distributed to the proper production line.

The machine used to cut the draperies is truly amazing and makes the process so much easier and efficient! After cutting the panels, they go to a seamstress who hems everything. I watched a seamstress pleating panels. They use a black light marker. Who would have thought?!!

Then once they are done, it goes to the fan-pleat area with the help of a machine. The panels are perfectly fan-pleated and then tied so they arrive neat without any wrinkles.

I also toured an area that does roman shades. Again, the number of interesting machines used to pleat to the exact location was truly fascinating. The finished product is then wrapped and hung for delivery.

What a day! As window treatments are my passion, it all took me back to those wonderful memories of my childhood.

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