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What Is a Decorative Lifestyle Designer and Why Do I Need One?

Change is exhilarating. Especially in the climate we’re in right now it seems like the perfect time to get started on a new design project. Whether you have been staring at a space in your home that doesn’t reflect your lifestyle or you just moved to a new place and cannot wait to put personal touches on it, having an expert to guide you through is most definitely money well spent.

Here at Re-Feather Your Nest, our team of decorative lifestyle designers have the knowledge and resources to make your decorating process easier, cost effective and 100% your style!

Here are the 7 reasons our team believes that hiring a decorative lifestyle designer is a smart move:

1. Save time- A decorative lifestyle designer knows what needs to be done and when to do it. We can help you design your space and create those new memories as soon as possible. After all, wouldn’t it be a dream come true have someone working on your project full time? Just think about how nice it would be to just put your things down at the end of a long week and start enjoying your family and friends in your newly designed space.

2. Save money- If there is one thing that people want to save it’s money. We are able to guide you through a budgeted plan while still meeting your style needs. By using a professional you won’t end up wasting money on unnecessary furniture, accessories or other decorative details that don't end up working in a room.

3. Get the most out of a space- Who doesn’t want to make a smaller space feel bigger? Everything from creating a floor plan to choosing colors, a designer will be able to provide the tips and tricks to getting the most out of a tighter space.

4. Make something old feel new- With the help of a designer you may be able to keep some of your favorite pieces and style them to fit with ease. There is just something special about repurposing and saving something of value without compromising latest trends.

5. Dive into your business or passion project- This could be the perfect opportunity to create an art studio, brewery or even something as simple as a home office. No need to stress over the details with the help of a decorative lifestyle designer. You will be able to start your project or work in the right headspace surrounded by the perfect ambiance.

6. Contacts and resources- We have them. With a designer by your side you will be sure to use the top contractors or brands within your budget and know you are making the best possible decision on who to use when it comes to finding the right architect or contractor. We know the business in and out and have our vetted list of resources that would be at your fingertips.

7. A guide when it comes to decorative language- From modern to transitional to eclectic we understand the language that is spoken to the trades people and can clearly articulate our vision to help make it your reality. Having us is like having your own personal design dictionary!

We understand that making the decision to redesign or remodel a place is important and we are here to guide you! It’s our job to do the hard work and your job to tell us what fits you best!

Now more than ever… renew, refresh, re-feather your nest!

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