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Color of the Year

I thought it would be fun to share my experience at the color of the year cocktail party by Sherwin Williams. First off, those of you that know me well know that I am always up for a good party. Couple that with the introduction of the beautiful color Oceanview SW 6496 which is similar to a darker teal....... and I am definitely in.

Needless to say I was super excited to go. My excitement was not disappointed. First off one of my favorite colors is green. This color announcement from Sherwin Williams is a blue green that is so rich and warm, I cant wait to use it ...whether it be in a pillow, a throw , or some sort of chotskies display piece. In fact, one of the rooms in my house that I recently started to redecorate (and by the way,,,this is an ongoing delimia... as soon as I finish one room, its time to start the next. ..just part of being in the business lol ) is based on this beautiful warm color. This color is a balance of blue, green and yellow. We continue to see the design world introduce color,,,slowly inching away from the stark white and grey palate of the last few years. This too is a welcomed transition in the world of color.

So getting back to the party...the room was filled with Oceanview colored lighting, centerpieces that had Oceanview colored fish (possibly beta fish) in long cylinder bowls with blue rocks and green sea grass at the bottom and Oceanview colored star fish scattered on the tables throughout the venue. The whole room just oozed with Oceanview...spectacular!!

After the cocktail hour we went into another room and were enlightened to the current trend in the design world of the new and upcoming healthy home movement. We learned about 3 new trends in design which will be on everyone's radar in the next few years

1- Enhanced air quality

2- Better Lighting

3- Biophysics in design

To sum it up, be aware of the quality of your air systems throughout your house, not only should your be aware of your heating and air conditioning systems but think about what you are adding to your rooms in terms of paint, fabric, and other textiles as they too impact air quality. Lighting can have a huge impact in your home whether it be task lighting, overhead lighting or ambiance lighting. Your rooms should have a combination of some if not all of these elements. And last but not least, bring the outdoor into your design plan. It's always warm and inviting to have a soothing water feature running in the background of your home office, office or even family room. There are many creative ways to bring the outside in. We love incorporating this element into a design plan as its always sure to have a positive impact on our clients.

This is a great start to the new year, color here we come!!

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